Kildare Medical

Kildare Road Medical Centre is a modern, welcoming facility offering convenient on-site access to a wide range of high quality medical services. As a large scale medical centre operating seven days a week, one of the greatest challenges we faced was completing a full refurbishment while keeping the centre fully operational with over 40 doctors still functioning without interference.

Being a key health care facility in Blacktown city, the highest quality fixtures and fittings were used, working around lead lined walls for X-ray rooms and acoustic panelling to ensure a safe and functional facility presented the project with some challenges. The often cold and clinical environment of the health sector was combatted with warm timber veneer desks and soft furnishings to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that few health care facilities possess. Like many of our other projects the client was extremely happy with our quality and service level, being constructed over 4 stages and remaining operational, the client recognised and appreciated the difficulties we managed to navigate through.