Commercial Fitout

Fitout in the commercial, retail, hospitality and corporate sectors are areas in which we have specialised. Our eye for detail and constant pursuit for perfection has led to our team being ideally suited for these complex jobs. The fitout sector is one area of the construction industry where time, cost and quality are more evident and important than any other. As a company we ensure that these key principals are always at the forefront of all our work.


As a company we pride ourselves on having a diverse team with a variety of project experience and from this stems our confidence in being able to deliver any type of project large or small. It is due to our dedicated staff and thorough systems that our construction arm is able to handle a broad range of projects ranging from mixed use developments right through to large industrial projects. Irrespective of the type of project we will stamp it with our “Fresh and Innovative approach”.

Project Management

Our project management service can range from a simple client side project management role to overseeing the construction process. This can involve handling an entire project from design through to construction. This service can extend across a vast array of contracts including; cost plus contracts, lump sum fees and fixed management contracts. Once engaged in a project management role we can assist in all elements of the job.

About Us

Impression Projects prides itself on our reputation within the construction industry, having a fresh and innovative approach in delivering an exceptional overall experience to our clients. We listen to our client’s needs to enable us to adapt and implement a strategy which will not only provide a premium end result, but also set new standards in service.

“Our philosophy is to have an immense understanding for the need to balance both the cost and time associated with a project, whilst never compromising on client service, execution or quality.” This philosophy is engrained throughout our business and has proven to provide our clients with the ideal strategy to meet their needs time and time again.